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Best portable ride to use while traveling

These electric scooters lets you take your adventure even further!

Some of you know that I live my life in a van, and have been doing so for quite some time now. I have learned a lot over the last year and a half and one thing I've come to understand is that you cannot take your van with you everywhere.

You need a simple way to get around a new town or to that undisturbed cliff by the water that is only accessible through a rough and narrow road. Where of course your van won't be going any day soon unless you want it to brake down.

No there are better solutions and they run on electricity. Here is the reason why I bought an electric scooter.

Why I went with and electric scooter

I read just the other day that electric scooters is the transportation of the future. Santa Monica is now the first city to introduce a shared mobility e-ride program which kicked-off earlier this year. Electric scooters are the best option for urban transportation. As large cities grow smaller and more crowded these days a new way of getting from A to B is in much need.

Companies like Uber and Lyft has joined fate in order to take on San Fransisco and make it more environmental friendly by offering these types of transportation at rental costs. How this thing is going to work out, none knows just yet but I see a clear future for these types of electric transportational vehicles in large urban cities.

However, they aren't just for large urban cities. I decided to pick one up about half a year ago and I have been riding it daily to explore and go into towns. It is the best solution to get around without having to take your travel-van with you. It is cheap and I can charge it almost anywhere. Like right now whilst I am writing this in a café I am charging my Speedway Mini4 at the same time.

Difference between them

There are more than visible differences. Price of these scooters can range from $200 up towards a couple of thousand dollars. Mainly its performance and quality that sets the price, but a lot of companies over-price their products.

There are cheaper ones that are avaialbe for only a few hundred dollars, but those wouldn't cut it while traveling. For one, you need to have a lot of juice because you don't know when you can recharge it the next time. Having to stop just to rechage it after only a couple of miles would pretty much destroy the whole experience. Thats why I decided to pick a premium scooter, the speedway mini4 to be specific, which is one of the the top premium electric scooters avaialbe according to this site.

It does a good 30 mph and I can get about 25-35 miles out of it depending on where I ride. This helps a lot while traveling because I can be quick if needed or I can go for a more economic ride if time is on my side. This gives me a longer distance per charge and I rarely have to charge it after every ride. Instead I can pretty much take it for a spin 3-4 times before I even have to consider recharging it.

So if you aim to use it for your travels, better pay a premium price for a premium product that won't break down on you and will deliver a high-quality ride in terms of both performance and comfort.

The perks

There are a few reasons to why I chose the type of EV that I did and heres a few of the perks that you can enjoy while traveling.

  • They are very versatile and can handle almost any terrain (if you buy something a bit more expensive).
  • Longer distance per charge and it gets you further.
  • Low weight without having to compromising quality and comfort. I have mine attached to the back of my van on a bikerack.
  • They are very inexpensive in the long run. Maintenance are low and electricity cost per mile isn't close to comparable with any gas driven vehicle.
  • Kind to the environment even if you calculate the co2 from the energy produced by power plants.
Seeing all these perks there are little to no excuse for you to not join in on this new trend. I did forgot to mention the biggest perk of these scooters. They are so much fun and you'll be seeing things differently when traveling on your electric scooter than if you were stuck in a van.
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