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Going to grand canyon

So I probably should have started a blog like 2 months ago when i started my travels. But well-overdue here it goes.

Grand canyon here we come

Yes thats right, Grand Canyon is my next destination. Coming from D.C I never actually been there, but I have seen some great videos and pictures of the place.

Juts how beautiful it really, we'll have to see about that. But from this video it sure looks pretty beatuiful which actually inspired me to go to this next location also:

Sorry for the bad quality, but thats all I could find on YT. I actually bought all their films and seasons so its in much better quality :)
But you can probably enjoy the video and the stunts anyway, still looks beautiful even though its blurry.

As you can see in the picture at the top which I found on google. I wouldn't mind testing out rafting down there, but that really depends on the price since a traveler like me don't really have too much money to spend. Rather go to 2 other places then spending too much at one.

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