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Travelers 5 tips

What you need to have on your travels

The following items have become my must-have, go-to survival tools that make for a very happy me when I travel. These are 5 really basic things that do help A LOT!

Nr 1: HEADACHE MEDICATION, who wants to have a headache when they don't need to. And they do come from time to time.

Nr 2: EAR PLUGS, earplugs that take the edge off of all the noise around you while in places like hostels.

Nr 3: SUN GLASSES, Sunglasses to combat fluorescent lighting or just bad lighting in general.

Nr 4: TRAVEL UNIFORM, Think comfy, loose clothes with a few layers. Always appropriate to the climate.

Nr 5: ENERGY SNACKS, food, glorious food. I never leave home without great energy snacks like energy bars, nut mix, a fruit. Bananas are the best. Don't forget always carry some of these around. At least when going to places where food might not come by for quite some time.


That's my 5 must-haves when I go on and about on my travels. For someone traveling by airplane or to other countries it might be different. But traveling within the U.S these are my go-to things!

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